True growth is not what you think!

We have been told from very young age that to grow means you add to the things you already had. You keep adding shoes, clothes, homes, degrees, relationships and many more. In terms of spiritual and emotional growth, however, growth is not additive. It is actually something quite opposite.

Emotional growth is actually a subtractive process. It is how you grow when you lose things, when things are taken away from you. When you have to let go what you once was, the question that each one of challenged with is this; “Who am I going to be without, without my past attachments, titles, jobs, bank accounts? Who am I going to emerge as?”

It feels scary to let go and shed and release so much. It feels as if you are going to evaporate into nothingness. So yes. There is pain in the letting go. A lot of fears.. You can shed them. But as you do, realize that it is through this release that YOU WILL GROW.

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